Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cosplay Wednedays

  This week is a double two-fer.  First up is Black Widow and Lady Deadpool.  Natasha Romanov is Black Widow a secret agent of undetermined alliance acting for an ambiguous origin country.  But currently she's a double agent working for SHIELD.  She's a bit of a badass.  Lady Deadpool is an alternate version of Deadpool, when she and Deadpool first met they shared a passionate kiss that made them both feel weird.  She was also a major part of the Deadpool Corps, a group of alternate Deadpools teaming together to kick ass across the cosmos.

  Young Billy Batson was given The Wisdom of Soloman, The Strength of Hercules, The Stamina of Atlas, The Power of Zeus, The Courage of Achilles and The Speed of Mercury by the wizard Shazam.  When saying the old wizards name Billy Batson turns into Captain Marvel.  Captain Marvel Jr. was given a portion of the old wizards power by Captain Marvel so when Freddie Freeman gains a portion of all of Captain Marvels attributes as Captain Marvel Jr.

  You know I usually go into why the costumes are good but I find myself repeating things a lot.  If I post them here they're good, they're well made, the costumes look good and the people wearing them look good so let's just take that for granted.  Both set's of people did a great job.

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