I play by no rules except mine, which are none, except these

--Movies will be reviewed as soon as possible so the details are fresh.

--I can't dedicate myself to every game until it's finished, I have other things to do, but I will play at least 5 hours of it.  Now that’s not to say I won’t beat it but if I can’t get a feeling for game play, and whether it sucks or not in that amount of time and if your game can’t hold me through the first 5 hours then it really doesn't matter if it finishes strong.  An ending is only good if you can hold someone to see it.  

--Comic reviews will be done in arcs so a whole story is reviewed.

--Commentaries will be as incoherent as possible with long, rambling, disjointed tirades.  You'll be lucky if it makes sense at all and it may end with how I could beat them in a fight.  They won't be worth reading, I can promise you that.

--If I Made It is just how things would be if I were in charge of making them.  Video games, TV series, movies, action figures, comics.  Whatever, whatever I think would benefit from my influence.  It gives me a chance to really show why I'm not in charge of any of those things and why hiring me to do so is most likely a huge mistake.  Any thoughts expressed can be taken, at the very least I would like if you told me you were taking influence, it would be fair and right to give me credit when credit is due and compensation is probably the most that could be asked.  But since this is the internet and I'm freely posting these things, I can't demand any of that.  Just remember I have a healing factor and guns.  Lot's and lots of guns.