Thursday, October 31, 2013

Batman: Arkham Origins (2013, Xbox 360)

At no point do you play as the asylum
Rating: 5 out 5 Batman Ass Whuppings

Review:  I've been seeing some negative press on this game so I thought I would weigh in with a quick review that's more in the vein of my opening weekend movie reviews.  I'm also very tired as I literally just finished the game after a lengthy couple of sessions, it's pretty much all done except finding a few location files and the challenge maps.

  The game is good.  The game is really good, I would say it's the best game in the series when it comes to pretty much everything.  My still-in-progress Arkham City review puts that game at a 6 out of 5, if this is better then why does it only get a 5.  Well we'll get to that but for now we'll focus on why I think it's better.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Casting Choices or Michael B. Jordan for Human Torch and Donald Glover for Spider-Man (a swear filled rant)

I came across this:

Michael B. Jordan definitely wants to be the Human Torch
and I felt the need to say something.  I guess more accurately go on a rant because saying something suggests a coherent beginning, middle and end.  Also a point and I'm not sure I have one.  This is what spurred that on (granted any one of these quotes could be sarcastic and I wouldn't know it):

Monday, October 7, 2013

Get Knocked Down and Get up Again

So as you precious few readers have probably noticed, I haven't updated in a while.  I realize that if this blog has a following it's a rather small one but I appreciate anyone who stumbles across my little geek corner in the vast mansion of the internet and I, myself, hate when even the small sites I follow (be it review or blog or vlog) take a long hiatus with no explanation so I feel I owe at least that.

The blog isn't dead but I once again have to take a hiatus, just like all the other hiatus' I've had to take.  It seems that whenever I get some traction and start to build up a safe cushion of content, when I start thinking of adding features or start working on some bigger project (damn my journalistic desires) life seems to stick it's foot out and I take a tumble.  Seems to happen about once a year if I'm to be honest.  But this year I left a job I hated, one that was literally killing me for what I thought would be a dream job, which has turned out to be incredibly unstable.  So instead of waiting for the inevitable firing I decided to leave for greener pastures.  Those pastures being out of state, so I'm looking at a massive move at the end of the month to a different state.  That's what's been going on so as I become unsteady here and the prospect of being unsteady where I go I haven't had much time for critical enjoyment.  Most of what I've been consuming is either stuff I've reviewed, because I can't get enough of Marvel Phase 1, or for pure enjoyment in an attempt to escape and relax a little bit.

So that's it.  I thank any of you have found this place and have stuck with it for the ups and downs and many hiatai.  I hope by January I will be settled down enough to start posting again.  I have a few rough reviews that I might polish up and post and I will try to get up a review of Thor 2 because I already know where I'll be seeing that after I move so I might as well make a review about it.  I doubt this blog will ever die entirely, unless I go through some major life change, since it's where I can vent my writing but it will probably ebb and flow like this until I accidentally get my shit together (MC 900 ft Jesus).