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Casting Choices or Michael B. Jordan for Human Torch and Donald Glover for Spider-Man (a swear filled rant)

I came across this:

Michael B. Jordan definitely wants to be the Human Torch
and I felt the need to say something.  I guess more accurately go on a rant because saying something suggests a coherent beginning, middle and end.  Also a point and I'm not sure I have one.  This is what spurred that on (granted any one of these quotes could be sarcastic and I wouldn't know it):

Random Person: Nooooo, please don't allow anyone that is clearly not a fan of marvel comics to play a roll in any marvel movies. We don't wanna see the characters changed. Please be accurate with the characters from the comic books as we already know them. It's only fair to the real fans who have been reading for years.

  We've already established how I feel about fan entitlement but I'm going to repeat it here. Marvel doesn't owe you shit fanboy. I love the Fantastic Four, granted I've only ever read the Ultimate Fantastic Four, but I've watched 2 complete animated series (1994 and 2006 and very little of the H.E.R.B.I.E. one so I don't count it) and enjoyed two out of the three movies (reviewed right here on this site). I own multiple copies of the FF movies on DVD as well as Blu-Ray and if they've made a FF toy in 1:18 scale I own it. I say all this so that you understand what I have invested in the concept of the Fantastic Four, you now cannot say that I don't understand the Fantastic Four, that I "don't get it" or my opinion is invalidated because I am not "a true fan". I say all that so that you understand where I'm coming from when I say Marvel doesn't owe this fanboy shit either. Marvel doesn't owe anybody anything.
This is who we are talking about.  Michael B. Jordan (Chronicle) want's to be Human Torch
Also don't fucking speak for me. I personally just want to see an awesome Fantastic Four movie.

Other Random Person: Whether or not he could play the character I don't know, seeing as how I don't know who this man is or what he's been in. As to whether or not we can take a character who has been around for 50ish years and has been white that entire time plus 2 movie adaptations and several cartoon shows I would have to say no. It's like with how they're trying to make Hal Jordan (Green Lantern of Sector 2814) Gay when Hal has been around for decades and been straight for decades. Whether he can PLAY the character is not the question here, the question is can we really get away with changing a character's race that is half a century old and established as another race for that same period of time. So in short, No, I do not think he is right for the roll on the basis that the character is too long established being white that it is not conceivable that he be played by a black man. It is unfortunate because there are so few black superheroes.

  So you want to stay true to the origin of the character. The character that was made when segregation was still a thing. The Freedom Riders, Brown vs. The Board of Education (not the title of an issue of Amazing Fantasy),The Tougaloo Nine and the murder of Herbert Lee all happened in the same year the FF was created. As if there was any other way that character was going to turn out other than white. It was the default setting. The Black Panther wouldn't even be conceived for another 5 years. You're right it is a tragedy that there are so few black superheroes and there aren't more movies made about them, so why can't we make some? Why can't we change things up? Why can't we do something different?  Although I like the sort of unalterable standard this person creates supposedly out of logic.  "There's nothing I can do, he can't be black.  I wish he could be.  I really, really do, because there aren't enough black heroes but he simply can't.  I'm sorry.  I wish I could do something about it, between you and me I wish he could be black, I want him to be black, but... 50 years...white guys...you know."

  Personally I'm dying for something different. If you can give me a good story, something that's well acted, I would love to see something different. Make Johnny Storm black, keep Sue white have them be part of an interracial family. Have them be half siblings, have them be step siblings, have Sue adopted by a black family, have Johnny adopted by a white family. Have them both be adopted by a multi-ethnic family. This isn't being PC this is changing things to reflect modern times. This is an opportunity to change up the dynamic, create something new, something meaningful to a whole new group of people and not just an ethnic group. Keep Reed white and have his relationship with Sue be an interracial relationship. Shit make Reed gay and have the romance between him and Johnny. Make the whole cast a different ethnicity make the whole cast black. Just do something with it. Play with the roles, play with the dynamic create something new out of something that's existed, basically unchanged, for 50 fucking years. If I want white Johnny Storm, if it's killing me that Johnny Storm isn't white, then I don't have to watch the movie. I can watch three other movies, a decades worth of animation, two main comic series across two different universes and innumerable spin-off series.

  If you want tradition why don't we just make the whole fucking thing a period piece? It can take place in the fucking 60's, all the villains can be thinly veiled metaphors for fucking communism, Sue can immediately start crying, curse her womanly status and fucking disappear to let the men do the real work. Then that way you won't be threatened by no strong wimmen types and there won't be any colored folk to upset your delicate disposition. Just pale skin, giant glasses, crew cuts and fucking tweed as far as the eye can see. How about we make that fucking movie? That way we can just go on empowering one type of person and everyone else can know their place. We can even put Thing in a fucking blue paisley shirt.  Or would that be too radical a change? 

  "But if he's black, then Sue has to be black because they're siblings and if Sue isn't black that means he's adopted and that's not the Fantastic Four.  The Fantastic Four are a family."  Yeah except for Reed and Ben who aren't related to each other and who are not related to the Storms.  The concept of "family" isn't a strictly a blood concept, it's a grander concept.  It's about a group of people who care for each other, who support each other through good times and bad.  People who will do anything for each other.  It's a concept that will survive 50% of the characters not being bound by some arbitrary blood line.

  This is the same nonsense when they announced that Donald Glover should be Spider-Man. I thought Andrew Garfield was great as Peter Parker in the reboot but you know what? Donald Glover should have fucking been Spider-Man. That would have been something interesting, that would have been something totally different. It would have been a fresh take on an old character.
Pictured: something new for once
  It was the same stupid shit when Laurence Fishburne was announced for Perry White and there was no Jimmy Olsen just Rebecca Buller as a "Jenny".

Pictured: apparently the greatest crime of this, or any other, god damn (Batman) century.
But of course it has nothing to do with racism:

Same Other Random Person: It wasn't an excuse, I've never even heard this man's name before I read this article. In regards to my statements about Hal Jordan, He cannot be gay because of the DECADES of material he has been in that all say he is NOT gay, not that it would matter to me if he was in the sense that I would still be a huge GL fan and a Hal Jordan fan, I just don't feel that changing the character that drastically is right which is why I mentioned Hal. Now, I've nothing against this man and I don't doubt that he has talent. I simply said that I do not feel that replacing a character, that BTW is actually older than the Green Lanterns, and has been long established as being white in the Comics, shows, movies etc can be suddenly changed to black. Now, I get that Marvel pretty much fucked themselves by using Chris Evans as both the Human Torch AND Captain America and I can appreciate this man's desire to play the roll, because who hasn't wanted to be a superhero? Also, do not even try to make it sound like I am A: Racist because I am not, kinda hard to be when you're a Native American/Irish and your half brother is Mexican. and B: that I have anything against gays because I don't, Aside from being Bi myself I am a very strong proponent of Gay rights and as a matter of fact two of my very closest friends are lesbians and have named their child after me, take that however you want but they wouldn't do that if I was against them or Gay rights. I do not appreciate being made to look the bad guy simply because you misunderstood my message so, to prevent further problems I will reiterate. I am NOT against this man wanting to play the Human Torch but I do not feel that a 50 something year old established white character can be made to be black when there is so much evidence and history to the contrary, I say again it has NOTHING to do with him as a person or as an actor.

  Take it from that bisexual Irish Native American with a Mexican half-brother who is beloved by up to two of the lesbians.  It has nothing to do with race (I'm not going near the gay comments as it's not relevant to this conversation). Which, by the way, just because you can claim multiple ethnic backgrounds or lifestyles doesn't mean you get a bye on being racist. I'm Irish/Norwegian/Lakota Sioux, some of my best friends are Polish and a family friend, who was like an uncle to me, was African American.  Plus I've had sexual thoughts about Scott Weiland. So, basically, I'm immune to all racist and homophobic accusations, I'm a double threat. I can say whatever I want and you PC killjoys can't stop me!

  The bleeding heart PC left isn't coming to steal your fun. This isn't about that, it's about something changing, it's about making something old new again. It's about creativity and telling a different story. Torch being black doesn't mean that they'll destroy all those great old "White Torch" stories. You will still have those to cling too and if it's any consolation they'll continue making White Torch stories in comics because nothing ever fucking changes in comics. They'll keep pandering to your traditional ass. So embrace some change, it might be good for you. Nothing that has been around for 50 years benefits from not changing. If that were the case out barbers would still be our doctors, trepanation would be common place and we'd get diagnosed with "wandering womb".

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