About The Stuff That Isn't Mine

  I think people should be given the proper credit and I try to do that.  I don't always succeed because the internet is a kind of a Old West lawless wasteland and sometimes I forget that proper credit should be given.  Especially on the cosplay stuff because, honestly, I just grab images off a Google image search or off any number of blogs and I'm terrible at giving credit for them.  But if anyone ever runs across something that's theirs please contact me, I would love to give you the proper credit and promote whatever it is you're working on or link to your website or remove it and apologize or whatever it is you want done.  You're doing me the favor of letting me use your content so I want you to be happy.  So please, if you find something that's yours, let's keep it friendly and civilized, let's not jump straight to legal threats or just obvious threats, just be nice and understanding and I'll return the favor =).  Be a d-bag and I'll post our conversation and draw dicks on your stuff.  No one wants dicks drawn on their stuff and I don't want to draw dicks on stuff, so be polite and no dicks will be drawn on anything.

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