What Ratings Mean

I use the standard Sergio Leone bullet style of review that the Department taught me.  All numerical ratings are a number out of 5 of a random, totally arbitrary thing.  The numbers mean the following:

 6 out of 5- Oral sex from a mythical deity of your choice while you slowly eat your favorite desert
 5 out of 5-Must see
 4 out of 5-Pretty dang good
 3 out of 5-Check it out
 2 out of 5-If you have too
 1 out of 5-God Awful
 0 out of 5-Someone crapped in your mouth
-1 out of 5- Waking up suddenly and feeling something trying to crawl in your ear.  Is it a spider?  A centipede?  Is it trying to eat my brain?  Did it lay eggs?

These are also the tags used to categorize them.

  Some things defy an arbitrary numerical rating, these things I rate on a pass/fail scale.  They are either Awesome (pass) or terrible just terrible (fail) and those are the tags you will find them under.  How coincidental!