Monday, December 31, 2012

Cosplayers Wanted!

  I plan on continuing Cosplay Wednesday and I would like to include some interaction with Cosplayers.  A few of you are a-holes but many of you are cool.  I would like to interact with the cool ones and if you have any question about what category you're in then I suggest you click on the "Cosplay" tag and see what I have to say about it.  If you agree, you're probably cool and we'll get along, if you don't, we're just going to argue.  Why do you want to argue?  Creators, models, prop makers.  If you make costumes or props but you don't wear them submit some stuff, get some credit, get spotlighted, maybe pick up some customers.  If you don't make costumes but model them, get spotlighted maybe pick up other people willing to make costumes for you to model.  I WILL NOT MAKE FUN OF YOU.  Like with the fan films if you submit something I will not ambush you.  I try to make reviews and features about being positive.  My commentaries are not about that, that's about me venting.

What I look for in Cosplay or really anything:

Creativity, Quality, Effort

  If you have 2 of those things I will probably like what you have to show off.  You are giving me content so I will be nice to you as long as you are nice to me.  Like I said, most of you are cool, some of you are not, sadly the asshat's are more vocal.  You have nothing to lose, I don't review Cosplay like I review everything else, I just showcase it.  The most you'd have to lose is me rejecting it but it's easy to know that ahead of time by just asking yourself if you have 2 of the 3 criteria above.  So if you have anything please contact me.

Fan Films wanted!

  So Fridays with Blinky will be replaced with Fan Film Fridays.  Fridays with Blinky will definitely be a part of that because, let's face it, I'm pretty far up his ass.  I really like his stuff, I pretty much bought everything I could off his site so I have a lot of his stuff to review.

  However in my time off I watched a lot of You Tube.  A lot.  A lot of fan films, most of it Batman, for some reason he seems to have the most fan films.  But there's good stuff that I want to highlight and some bad stuff that I also want to highlight.

  But I would love stuff submitted by a creator and get a chance to interact with them, maybe include an interview, I don't really know.  But if you submit a video, even just sending a link, I WILL NOT MAKE FUN OF YOU.  If you do me the favor of submitting content I won't post anything without letting you read it first.  You'll get my honest opinion and if you want me to post it I will and if you don't I won't.  That simple.  All that courtesy goes out the window if I have to find your video.  If you don't agree with the review I will be happy to post your rebuttal.  I'm not about ambushing people so if you submit something you won't be publicly ambushed but you also have to be open to criticism because if I don't like it I'm going to tell you.  But I won't post a negative review with out you knowing about it and if I have criticism it will be constructive.  Because you worked hard on it...and you were nice enough to send me content.  So if you have a fan film that you want reviewed, a comic based fan film, then submit it, you have nothing to lose by it.  If I like it you get a positive word out there, if I don't you get constructive criticism that you can either accept or reject.  I don't care.

  What I look for in fan films, or really anything:

Creativity, Quality, Effort

  If you have 2 of those things I will probably like it.  So if you have anything to submit please contact me.

The Gritty Reboot

  It had to happen at some point.  The gritty reboot where I turn in my helmet in exchange for a medallion and a huge knife.  But this is my return.  Well actually next week will be official.  This week I changed the look of the blog and I'll be consuming stuff for the coming weeks.  Watching movies, finishing some reviews, doing some commentary pieces, putting together the Catwoman week that I was about to do before my hiatus.

  When I started this the intention was to adopt a total persona and that everything would be filtered through this bombastic, offensive persona.  That got exhausting pretty quickly and it became harder to maintain the kayfabe.  It happened a lot faster than I thought, so most of these posts are not written in the "persona" but sort of a mix of persona and my actual personality, the commentaries are written entirely out of persona, which depending on where you fall may be unfortunate.  But the tone of the last few months is the tone I'm going to maintain and a part of me wants to eliminate all those kayfabed elements but another part of me wants to keep them for posterity.  So time will tell on that one.  Also the banner is going to be plain text until I do another one.  I liked the title of Superheroes Having Sex because it's a reference to the Kevin Smith movie Mallrats when Stan Lee is talking to TS about Brodie (paraphrased, my title is easier to say than Superhero Sex Organs).  I'm pretty sure it's TS, I haven't seen the movie in a while.  Although I'm sure I'll lose all those people looking for porn I guess they'll be happier that when they're looking for porn they won't mistakenly end up here and lose their boners.  By the way I can see where my traffic comes from so I'm probably eliminating 90% of my page views there.  It's a good thing I don't make money off this.

  It's not a huge reboot, I tried some more dramatic templates but I couldn't get anything I liked as much as the original template so I ended up just playing with that a little bit.  Anyway, hopefully we can get through the next year without having to abandon this place again.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ohhhh, now I get it (years later)

I remember reading this when it came out and not getting it and not bothering to get it.  Now I finally get it and that's cool.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Deadpool web BLINKY!

Deadpool!  Blinky!  Mandy Evans as Typhoid Mary!  Looks like someone got my Christmas list this year.  Looking forward to this blending of all things awesome.  Sort of like a steak and potato smoothie.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Random Thoughts: the Deadpool reboot, Thunderbolts #1 and more Arrow thoughts

  I just felt like talking about some of the things I've been consuming lately.  First off is the Deadpool reboot.  My original idea was to get a paper subscription and review the first year of the reboot issue by issue.  I've already missed a couple of issues so it seems pointless now, but I've been getting them thanks to Marvels wonderful Digital Subscription Service.  Having an iPhone really makes being a comic book fan easy, especially with the Marvel app.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bane, Bane, Koom bi yah!

I love these infographics.  Since the full sized thing is so huge here is the small version.  The full sized version is after the jump.  Or click the link.  Or don't.  Do what you want.  What am I?  Your mom?


The best scene in Amazing Spider-Man

When I saw this I thought it was the sexiest thing I've ever seen.  This scene made me fall in love with Emma Stone.  It's a totally unattainable fantasy but I just think it's just the sexiest thing ever.  I realize that statement probably says more about me than I'd like.  Actual high res clip after the jump.  Obviously I own nothing and all copyrights belong to their original owners.