Monday, December 31, 2012

Cosplayers Wanted!

  I plan on continuing Cosplay Wednesday and I would like to include some interaction with Cosplayers.  A few of you are a-holes but many of you are cool.  I would like to interact with the cool ones and if you have any question about what category you're in then I suggest you click on the "Cosplay" tag and see what I have to say about it.  If you agree, you're probably cool and we'll get along, if you don't, we're just going to argue.  Why do you want to argue?  Creators, models, prop makers.  If you make costumes or props but you don't wear them submit some stuff, get some credit, get spotlighted, maybe pick up some customers.  If you don't make costumes but model them, get spotlighted maybe pick up other people willing to make costumes for you to model.  I WILL NOT MAKE FUN OF YOU.  Like with the fan films if you submit something I will not ambush you.  I try to make reviews and features about being positive.  My commentaries are not about that, that's about me venting.

What I look for in Cosplay or really anything:

Creativity, Quality, Effort

  If you have 2 of those things I will probably like what you have to show off.  You are giving me content so I will be nice to you as long as you are nice to me.  Like I said, most of you are cool, some of you are not, sadly the asshat's are more vocal.  You have nothing to lose, I don't review Cosplay like I review everything else, I just showcase it.  The most you'd have to lose is me rejecting it but it's easy to know that ahead of time by just asking yourself if you have 2 of the 3 criteria above.  So if you have anything please contact me.

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