Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cosplay Wednesdays

 This week we delve into the dark side of the wizard Shazam.  Before there was Captain Marvel there was Black Adam who possessed the Stamina of Shu, the Swiftness of Heru, the Strength of Amon, the Wisdom of Zehuti, the Power of Aton and the Courage of Mehen.  Mary Marvel was given a portion of Shazam's power by Captain Marvel, when she lost her powers during Countdown due to the death of Shazam she was given power the power of Black Adam turning her into a darker version of her white clad self.

  Both costumes are well done, both people went to the trouble to of trying to look like who they're cosplaying.  Black Adam looks sufficiently intimidating while Mary Marvel has an intense expression while maintaining an innocent vibe.

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