Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fan Films: A Necessary Part of Fandom (save one film to save many)

  For those of you who don't know Marvel took down the Blinky Deadpool Webseries.  I started writing about the series from the first time I saw the trailer because the trailer LOOKED awesome and I knew with Chris .R. Notarile at the helm it WOULD BE awesome because he has made some of the best fan films I've ever seen, many of which are reviewed here and will continue to be reviewed here.  But when I did my "gritty reboot" I thought I would expand to fan films as a whole because I started watching fan films made by people other than Blinky Productions and I was amazed at the variety out there.  Some of it excellent, some of it not but all of it necessary.  Liking something is totally subjective, I may not like something but that doesn't devalue it, no matter how I, or anyone else, may criticize it because a fan film generates interest in the character.  Good or bad it makes a person aware of that character and may cause that person to seek out other examples of that character.  That may include other fan films or the comics or big budget productions, the point is that someone out there found this thing that is awesome and now shares a passion for it.  The best part of a fan film is that it's made by fans, fans who may have a better understanding of the character and even with zero budget produce something as good as any big budget production and the fact is that because they aren't beholden to any commercial interest they don't have to make compromises.

  So I've been mulling over how to best support this cause and thinking about what I could write and post to help.  Then this video was posted and it says things better and more succinctly than I could in any post that I could have written.  So check it out, below the video are the petition you can sign, links to the Facebook group you can "like" and a link to the video and the IMDB page where you can leave a review.

  I want to make something clear though, we as a community cannot get anything done by simply yelling, name calling and feces throwing.  As I have said previously, it's up to us to take the high route and elevate the discourse.  So please stay classy, don't antagonize Marvel, don't name call, don't be rude and/or crude, we're trying to do something constructive and we have to act in a constructive manner in order to do it.  So help save this fan film and make a stand for all the other fan films because good or bad they are all worth saving.

The Petition

The Facebook Group (Like it)

Episode 1
Episode 2

IMDB page (write a good review after watching confirming how awesome the series is)

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