Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bonus: Blinky Deadpool webseries

  So this is the first episode of the Blinky Deadpool webseries. I've got to say it's pretty dang good.  Mandy Evans returns as Typhoid Mary.  She plays it well and holy crap can she dance.  We already kind of knew that but she puts her talent on display during her introduction in Wade's "Pool-o-Vision".  Deadpool is played in costume by Damian Vargas with voice by Chris .R. Notarile.  It's good, there's a fight scene between Mary and Pool and it's well done.  There's a cameo from Elektra and Domino that promises to turn into something more.  It's all done very well, the usual Chris strengths are on display here, yadda yadda yadda.  If you don't know the kind of quality and awesomeness you can expect from Chris .R. Notarile then I suggest you read any one of my other reviews of his stuff.

  Mostly what I want to get down to is the portrayal of Deapool himself.  They nailed it.  Most people try to make Deadpool TOO random.  They think random is funny or that random is what embodies Deadpool.  Deadpool is not random, Deadpool is fucking crazy.  There's a huge difference, it's not about saying weird shit just to say weird shit, it's about having totally different perspective on reality and acting as if everyone else lives in the same reality or at the very least not caring that you're the only person in that reality.  This does not translate to "random".  It translates to snarky, sarcastic, self deprecating and socially awkward.  He has a talent for doing things he thinks are cool and saying the exact wrong or unexpected thing.  Just to quickly wrap this up because I just want you all to watch it, it's a good 10 minutes spent, they really got the source material and it'll be interesting to see where it goes from here.

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