Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cosplay Wednesday

  This week we look at the patriotic world of Captain America.  First up is a really good Red Skull followed by the American Dream or a distaff Captain America.  The true Red Skull was Johann Schmidt (who employed American industrialist [of course he is] George Maxon to act as Red Skull on his behalf).  The history of Johann Schmidt is detailed wonderfully in the fantastic mini series Red Skull: Incarnate but as Red Skull he with the Nazi party and was Hitler's right hand man as well as a constant thorn in the side of Captain America.  The American Dream is Shannon Carter and part of the side continuity MC2 which had the good (Spider-Girl) and the terrible (the grunge, flanneled son of the Juggernaut).  Growing up idolizing Captain America she picked up an indestructible shield of her own and became the American Dream and a member of A-Next.

  The Red Skull has a ton of detail including a Cosmic Cube, a full German uniform and a very well made mask.  Plus it looks like he's wearing a Nazi armband, which takes a bit of balls.  Granted it's in character but you never know who will be offended and to what degree.  The second I don't know if it truly is the American Dream or not.  She lacks a mask and carries a triangular shield which is Cap's old style shield.  So it doesn't add up in that sense but the costume is well made (looks to be a combination of spandex and leather) and the player showed up in shape so props to that.

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