Friday, January 18, 2013

Fan Film Friday: The Flash:The Brave and The Bold

  This week was a bit harder to find stuff.  Last week I found Powers on page one of You Tube, this week I had to go allllll the way to page five which is where I found this little gem.  I found a few things before it that were bad beyond review but when I came across this I was pretty happy.

  Flash comes to us from uploader InfluenceFilms, directed and starring Jason Damian as Wally West.  I'm going to be honest, it's a bit of a mixed bag but it's an entertaining mixed bag dammit.

  The plot is nigh incoherent.  Someone died, let's see if I can properly explain it.  The person that died was a friend of Wally's uncle.  The person that calls Wally is the son of the friend of Wally's uncle so Wally Flash's it up to help out the son of a friend of his uncle.  He runs around a bit, he meets with the Justice League (a scene introduced by the completely out of place but funny "Meanwhile at the Hall of Justice" from the Super Friends cartoon), there's some talk about how super powers don't elevate you above normal man, Wally doubts himself, he goes to Barry's grave and seeing thugs about to kill the son of his uncles friend.  The plot is pretty paper thin and I don't think it holds up any scrutiny or analysis.  There's also a cameo by Lex Luthor but it doesn't amount to much.

  Okay, so the plot is barely there, but the acting is actually pretty... hit or miss as well.  Wally is played pretty well by Jason Damian, I don't know if this was shot sequentially or what but he goes from a little stiff in the opening scene to actually pretty good by the end of the 5 minutes of the film and his voice over is pretty competently done as well.  There a brief cameo by John Stewart Green Lantern played by John A Clark and he is by far the best actor in the group.  He looks good in the costume and delivers his lines really well.  He's in it for MAYBE 8 seconds but he's a highlight.  The other highlight are the 2 thugs who provide some comic relief.  I think one of them was told to act like he was in a 1920's gangster movie or possibly like Joe Pesci, either way it's hilarious.

  I had fun with this.  It's not going to win best independent film or anything but it's a fun 6 minutes with a gag reel tacked on to the end of it which I found pretty funny.  They portray super speed the best possible way they can considering the, what I assume is a, shoe string budget.  The Flash costume looks a little weird but the other costumes are pretty good, also considering the zero budget.  It's shot in an entirely non distracting or detracting way, that's pretty much the highest praise I can give it.  The camera is there, it's pointed at things, those things are in focus and in the frame and you know what, I'll take that.  The acting is what you'd expect from a pool of either amateur actors or friends of the director.  I'd say it's worth a look as there's certainly worse.  A lot worse. Like next weeks entry, which I also found on page 5.

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