Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cosplay Wednesday

  This week is a twofer as we stay in the world of Red, White and Blue or in the case of one of these entrants Red, White & Black.  First up, on the right, is Isaiah Bradley the OTHER Captain America detailed in the awesome mini series Truth: Red, White and Black.  Isaiah was a part of an experiment to recreate the Super Soldier formula after the success of Steve Rogers.  One of 5 survivors they performed black op field missions.  I suggest reading the mini series as it's quite good.  The art is wonky but the story is good.  On the left is American Dream, for reals this time as that's a pretty comic accurate costume.  Since I detailed the origins of one Sharron Carter from MC2, member of A-Next, previously I won't go into to much detail.  I will note the smaller shields on her forearm as her other method of disposing evil doers as they act as stun disks.

  The player on the left has a well made costume with lots of detail and is comic accurate, she showed up in shape and looks good.  The player on the right has a good mask, from what I can see a comic accurate appearance and possibly a photoshopped shield.  It doesn't look right and I don't know if it's because it's a paper decal attached to a light weight shield or a photoshop but the face of the shield doesn't look like it belongs in our world, however there is a nice hard outline which makes me think SOMETHING is actually there.  But again, the costume is relatively simple but what makes a world of difference is the build of the person wearing it.  This guy has the build of Isaiah Bradley and that really sells the costume.

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