Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday content frenzy

  I once again feel like posting.  So today you're going to get a brand new segment, I think, are they called segments on the internet?  It's segment like I suppose.  It's sort of a reoccurring topic thingy.  Anyway, it's called "If I Made It".  This is where I either display my genius or demonstrate my stupidity by telling you how I would make something.  I'm a man of limited means so I can't make the things I want to see, I have to leave it to people more talented and motivated than myself.  But I don't think that stops me from having good ideas.  If you are a person of means then feel free to take influence from these.  The bottom line is I want to play these games, see these movies/TV shows or collect these action figures.
  If you take this intellectual penny then at least let me know, if you want to leave an intellectual penny in the form of recognition when the project is complete that would be the ethical and moral thing to do.  If you want to compensate me for my ideas, well then friend, that would be ideal.  But since I'm posting them for the world to steal I can't expect anything back from them and I certainly can't be mad if they're taken.  Especially if they lead to a world with better content.

  Also Ultimate Spider-Man and the new season of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes premiere today.  Since I missed the early morning showing I'm going to catch the evening showing and post my thoughts.  If I'm particular motivated I might do full reviews.  So that's you're bonus content frenzy update.  Also enjoy today's scheduled, authorized and standard update in the Punisher (2004) review, probably buried under all this bonus content.

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