Saturday, April 14, 2012

Site (blog?) update

  As you may have noticed I'm putting a lot of stuff from memebase up.  The whole reason I started this was to sort of compile what I like about the comic stuff in one place so I can have easy access to it all.  So you'll probably being seeing more of it, feel free to ignore it if you find it unoriginal and lazy.  I mean it is and I know it and I plan to get lazier and less original, as time permits.  This will include featuring other types of fan art, comic art, cosplay and what not.  Because, why the hell not.  It'll all be bonus, the only 'official' entries are the reviews that are posted every Sunday.  Everything else is gravy.

  Also I'm trying to include some more pictures to go with entries.  To that end I'm trying my hand at photo manipulation, because, again, why the hell not.  It makes the entries a bit more entertaining to look at if it's more than a wall of text.  Of course it won't make the actual content any better, it'll just look nicer.  These will be horrible, I'm hoping at some point I'll get the hang of it and they'll get better but I'm okay with the idea of them never getting better.  Anyway, I say all this so if anyone is actually reading this I know how what's going on and how mediocre some of it is, so feel free to keep it to yourself.  It's the internet, you can read what you want and ignore everything else.

  Finally I know I've been reviewing some pretty good stuff lately which may not be as entertaining to read as the crap, but don't worry, I've got some crap in the pipeline (heh, heh, heh).  Coming up is Daredevil month, which may get pushed aside for Fantastic Four weeks.  Now, I liked the Daredevil films and the Fantastic Four movies but both series have some real bad ones in them (you'll know it when you see it).  After that I'll be getting into DC for the first time with the original Batman series (2 Tim Burton and 2 Joel Shumacher) and the Superman series with Christopher Reeves.  Both good series that start out really strong and then sort of fizzle out.  I got plans sports fans, I got plans.  So stayed tune Deadheads.

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