Monday, April 16, 2012

Some Seanbaby fo' yo' face.

  I found this on Cracked, written by the very talented, perhaps even more talented than I, Seanbaby about superheroes who lost their shit. Title and intro included, if you like then follow the link and give the views to Cracked. I won't steal their content... wholly anyway.

6 Superheroes Who Completely Lost Their Shit

By: Seanbaby

April 16, 2009

  One of the things Stan Lee is credited with in Marvel comics is how he made superheroes relatable. He took larger-than-life characters and gave them human problems. After Spider-Man is done insulating his fists to punch someone with an electric face, he gets picked last for kickball as Peter Parker. That's something a reader can wrap their head around. Like when Thor goes to the drug store and can't find a human condom to fit his screaming Nordic penis. "By Odin's all-seeing eye, I can give to my loins only this empty grocery bag, and to you only this heeding: Valhalla awaits your birth canal!"
Before Stan Lee, comics related to kids by just having the heroes hang out with kids, usually without pants. I'm not sure when gay was invented, but it definitely wasn't around when the people at DC finalized the Robin costume. So Stan Lee's idea to add character flaws to superheroes may have saved Marvel comics readers a generation of half-naked little boy sidekicks. However, as the years went by, not all the writers at Marvel were exactly responsible with this concept. The character flaws of caped crusaders soon escalated into full-blown psychological problems which made most of their adventures a series of emotional breakdowns. Here are six of my favorites.

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