Friday, May 4, 2012

Half Assed Avengers Week! FRIDAY! Gotta get down on Friday!

  So this is it, the big day.  For the rest of America, not for me, my big day will be Sunday.  But I've already bought my tickets and I decided to make it my first IMAX 3D movie.  I've wanted to see other movies in IMAX 3D but never had one close to me before.  Hopefully it'll be as awesome and I think it will, I don't see how it couldn't.  Especially now, with my hopes raised at their zenith I can't imagine it letting me down.  At this point, honestly, if it's anything less than a blowjob from god I'll be disappointed.  So let's hope for divine oral.  First up we have the final trailer to get us all geared up.  After the jump we have a featurette about the threat The Avengers face and finally we have Iron Man taking on Thor...sexually.

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