Friday, May 25, 2012

Blinky500 feature: Punisher '80

Punisher '80 is probably the one of the most heart warming Christmas Speciasl ever.  He also accurately expresses the same sentiments about Christmas that I have.

  Looking for a serial killer leads Frank to torture a skeezy dude in a Santa outfit (as if there are any other kind) before going for the serial killer himself

  The usual is good about this (soundtrack, cinematography) but is probably the weakest entry of the four.  It's quick, it lacks the great dialog of the others (mostly because there's so little dialog to begin with but what little is there is good) and sort of rushes to the end.  Also Frank leaves skeezy Santa alive, something he wouldn't do.  In the comics he's killed people for WAY less than being an accessory to a murderer.  But it was needed to advance the plot so you have to take it for what it is.

Don't get me wrong, saying it's weak isn't saying it's bad.  It's sort of like saying Godfather 3 is the weakest Godfather.  It's still Godfather.  The comparison is a little over blown but the point remains, the rest of the series is strong so being the weakest one still means it's better than most.  If you had to skip one, I'd skip this one but since it's linked to the payoff in '81 it's worth checking out (especially considering how good '81 is).  Besides it's only like 7 minutes long, I've waited in lines longer to pay money for things I didn't even really want.  It's definitely a better experience than that so check it out.

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A word from Chris (stolen from his You Tube page) after the jump


  Punisher'80 was shot in one night in and around the city of Manhattan. I wrote the script the same day I posted Punisher'79 to Youtube. I had so much fun with the first film, I couldn't see myself not attempting another. That being said, I forced myself to sit on the film's script for well over a month as I wanted to try and emulate the Christmas season as much as possible. Knowing the holiday lights wouldn't go up till at least mid-November, I set a shoot date for the weekend after Thanksgiving. Fortunately for me, everything fell into place and I got to make yet another humorously dark period piece.

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