Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cosplayers wanted

  I think I want to start featuring cosplayers once a month.  If you're a cosplayer with a web site/web page/deviantart/flickr account/deviant flick/site page/whatever who wants to show off I'll feature you.  Obviously I can't pay you, I make no money here and I don't really plan to start making money off it any time soon.  Mostly because no one's interested, they second they are I'm selling out so god damn (Batman) fast it'll be shocking.  But until then if you're a cosplayer with the above criteria and one of the half dozen people who visit the site not looking for porn (as if there are any) drop me an email, which you can find by clicking on my profile (upper right below the banner above the appeal for what is up).  If you do good work, male or female, I'll spotlight it and I won't tear anyone apart who isn't totally deserving of it.  I promise.

  However, I'm not looking for models, if you model what you make all the better but I'm looking for designers.  If you do good work and want to show it off why not do it here?  Get your stuff displayed, maybe a profile, maybe answer some questions.  It's one step above bathroom graffiti.  Okay a half step.  Alright, it's a lateral move but without the targeted hobo demographic.

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