Sunday, May 6, 2012

Avengers (2012, Theatrical Release)

Rating:  6 out of 5 super badasses coming together to fight an alien invasion.

Plot Synopsis:  When Loki comes to conquer Earth it comes down to it's mightiest heroes to protect it in the coolest most awesome way possible.  Iron Man gets techy, Cap gets super soldiery, Hawkeye gets arrowy, Widow gets, er, spyey and Thor hammer times it.  Also I think Hulk smashes (I don't know if you know this but Hulk strongest there is)

Final Thoughts:  I thought I'd do this a little a different this time and skip everything and go directly to final thoughts.  There's no way I could do a standard review and not spoil the shit out of this movie and while I personally don't care about spoilers some people do and this movie is just too good to spoil but I will say a few things about the movie and my thoughts on the experience in general.

  First off this was my first IMAX Real3D experience.  It was pretty awesome, however in some parts it made it harder to watch.  I don't know if I was sitting in the wrong place or what but many of the scenes with high speed motion in them (of which there are a lot) looked incredibly blurry and in certain parts it was just hard to see what was going on.  I want to see it again with out the 3D so I can clearly see everything that's going on.  If you can do it I would recommend checking it out both 3D and 2D but if you're going to pick one I really liked the 3D for my first time.  It was actually the most noticeable during the Spider-Man trailer oddly enough, that looked really good in 3D.

  The movie itself is awesome, from start to finish it is totally and utterly badass.  They did a really good job developing a plot that is cohesive and logical that brings together and utilizes each and every character.  At no point was I ever bored or counting the minutes, the movie just flew along at a pretty brisk pace despite its rather long length.  Every character gets several moments that are consistent with the character.  It doesn't feel like some ensemble cast movies where the character moments are basically interchangeable between cast members and feel randomly, but equally, handed out to all the characters.  Each member of the Avengers get's their time to develop and their character moments when it made sense.

  The action scenes are executed very well too.  All the scenes have their moments of tension with give and take to build the conflict before being resolved.  The Thor introduction in particular is great in how it starts and we add Avengers into a pitched battle before a leader is established (it's hard to get into more without spoiling it).  The Hulk scenes in general are totally awesome and use the character to it's fullest smashing potential.  Speaking of which, Mark Ruffalo is a great replacement for Bruce Banner.  He's probably the best Bruce Banner.  It's like someone stuck Bixby, Bana and Norton, put them in a blender and made a delicious, cannibalistic Hulk smoothie.  I wonder what color such a smoothie would be?  Considering it's the Hulk it would probably be blue.

  I really can't recommend this movie enough, it will rank up there with Batman The Dark Knight and Iron Man 2 as the best superhero movies of all time.  If I do go see it again, which I'm almost certain I will, I will write a standard review of it.  It's opening weekend and it's an awesome movie, especially if you go in cold. I didn't read any spoilers (other than there are 2 post credit scenes that are totally worth waiting for) and I think it improved my enjoyment of it immensely.  Of course that's one of those concepts that's really hard to figure out, I mean how would I know?  I can't see a movie before reading spoilers and then again after reading spoilers and then compare my opinion of the movies based on what I read before seeing it.  If I didn't read any beforehand how would I know that it would affect my enjoyment at all?  I don't, I can only assume and you know what they say about assuming.  If you do then I hope you feel enough like an ass.  Wow, that whole thing kinda got away from me.  Anyway, go see Avengers and if you want a spoiler-rific, standard review then stay tuned.  I may have one for you soon, otherwise it might be when Avengers comes out on Blu-Ray, which I will be buying on day one.

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