Thursday, April 11, 2013

Toy Review: Super Helicarrier

Overview:  I became a member of the Hasbro club pretty much exclusively for this and the Masters of Evil team pack (I ended up also buying the team pack through eBay so I have two team packs sort of by accident).  I kind of waffled back and forth on if I really wanted to buy it but when they went up on the Hasbro website for an actually reasonable retail price, and the not the insane scalper eBay price, I just decided to go for it.

  From the moment I saw it I immediately thought it was the USS Flagg for the current generation of kids.  I never had the USS Flagg but I knew someone who did and they were the popular kid at school.  Everyone wanted that thing but very few parents could afford it.  My parents didn't let me play with/buy me military toys so I was lucky to have the 6 or 7 Joe's I managed to scam from my friends or get from my aunt (who either didn't know or didn't care about my parents no military rule).  So I would go to this friends house another friend would bring their Terrodrome and we would all huddle around our respective sides and play sometimes in the sandbox and sometimes in the basement.  So this is sort of my chasing the USS Flagg and I wanted it mostly for that reason.  It's not as robust as the USS Flagg so it's not anywhere near a substitute but, let's face it, they ain't going to make anything like the Flagg ever again so this is as close as it's going to get.  All in all a good purchase, it's a little flimsy at the joints where the sections connect but when it's on a solid surface it doesn't really matter.  It makes a great resting place for my Costco exclusive Quinjet.

The outside box.  I immediately saw it at the FedEx place holding it for me and I got a little giddy.

The front of the actual toy box inside the shipping box, nice big display window showing off what's inside.  The conic con sticker in the upper right hand corner.

The exclusive figures.  The Captain America is just a reissue from the Captain America movie line.  The Maria Hill is a repainted Black Widow from the Avengers line with a unique head.
The bottom of the carrier, I love the little Stark Industries logo.

The fantastic artwork on the back of the box.  Done by Joe Quesada, I sometimes forget how talented that man is.
A close up of Iron Man vs Whirlwind

Close up of Cap vs Zemo and Tiger Shark

Close up of Maria Hill vs Radioactive Man and Goliath

Close up of Erik Jolsten as Goliath.  I read a rumor somewhere that they originally planned a Giant Battles style 2 pack with this Goliath and Whirlwind, which is why they are all featured on the box art, but the idea was abandoned after they made the box but before the convention.

All the con exclusives in one shot.  The Master of Evil 3 pack and the Captain America and Maria Hill used in  the Super Helicarrier.

It's place of honor in my geek corner.  I've since added a Costco exclusive Quinjet that rests on the runway when I'm not using it.

A different angle in the geek corner.

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