Thursday, April 11, 2013

Toy Review: Indiana Jones SDCC "Lost Wave"

Overview:  All I really wanted was the Toht and German Mechanic figures.  I had a chance to get both of them, for about $70 and $50 a piece, respectively, months before but I passed hoping to find them at a more reasonable price.  Those months went by and nothing popped up on eBay that wasn't the old Kenner figures.  Then finally my eBay notifier hit on several full sets available.  The price for this, because it was damaged packaging, was the lowest of the several sets that popped up and it was only a little more than what I would have spent to get just Toht and German Mechanic.  Of course shortly after I bought it a bunch of individual figures showed but the prices weren't any different than before so I wouldn't have saved all that much money had I waited literally 12 hours.  Ultimately I'm pretty happy with it.  The figures themselves have the same amount of articulation as your average Star Wars figure, good upper body (ball jointed shoulders and elbows and some wrists plus a swivel at the waist) but a pretty immobile lower body (H joint at the pelvis and a basic knee joint).  The Marion paint deco is a little off but I'm happy with the two figures that I really wanted, the rest went into the fodder box.

The outside box, the comic con sticker in the lower left hand corner.

The back of the main box.  The damage on the bottom, and all around fraying, is what made this a price saver.

The box opened up to reveal the whole wave of cards inside.
A little flavor text on the inside flap.

The cards pulled out of the main box.  There is like a display box inside that separates each figure.

The flavor text for Indy and Marion.

The two of them in the display box.

Liberated Indy, the classic look that you see at the beginning of Raiders.
Liberated Marion, incredibly limited articulation, partly due to the sculpt and partly due to the dress.  Also the paint deco on her face is a bit derpy, it's not real obvious here but in person and up close it's clear.

The flavor text for Satipo and Toht.

Satipo and Toht in the display box.

Liberated Satipo, that weird brown/black thing around his neck falls off the second you pull him out of the package, it's like a collar or moss or something.  Whatever it is I wonder what the point was of having it if there's nothing keeping it on.

Liberated Toht.  I wanted this one for my Red Skulls private army (Red Army? I haven't figured out what to call it) but in my current story-line with my figures Red Skull has the Cosmic Cube and is using it to power up villains in a bid to take over the world.  He has a private force close to him to protect him from the heroes.  Toht (new name pending) was a brilliant member of his occult science division and found a way to graft a magic black hole into his hand.  He is otherwise very fail and weak but uses the black hole to suck in and devastate any threat he comes up against.  The black hole can absorb anything including magic making him a very valuable shield as long as Red Skull uses muscle to protect him.

Flavor text for the German Mechanic and Indy in disguise.

GM and Indy in the display box.

The other one I wanted for Red Skull.  He is the muscle, using a steroid and hormone cocktail altered by the cosmic cube this unnamed soldier was turned into something resembling the final result of Steve Rogers Super Soldier formula.  Unable to feel pain and nearly bulletproof the Mechanic can stand toe to toe with Captain America but whereas Cap has some finesse, leadership ability and strategic ability the Mechanic is only brute force.  He is the muscle protecting Toht's brain and black hole (heh, heh).

It's Indy, as a German soldier.

The back of every card has the same generic flavor text.

A close up of the text on the back of each card.

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