Saturday, April 6, 2013

Another really good article.

So reading the previous article has sent me down this rabbit hole of really great, enlightening articles that I would like to share with my incredibly small corner of the internet.  The stuff I've been reading today has actually gone a long way in making me think about this subject differently.  I'm not to "cosplayers are an oppressed minority" yet but I'm not where I was.

  I hate, hate, hate going back through and editing my work.  Not just because I'm lazy but my writing is a part of me growing and evolving as a person and I like that evolution to be on the page.  I am not who I was a year ago and if you go back and read those (especially the earliest "persona" stuff, ugh) I want that to be evidenced.  But what I've read today makes me want to go back and edit the old stuff.  I don't know if I will, because again, evolution and to a certain extent preserving what was written (even if it was written under a totally different and now seemingly stupid mindset).  But here is something written by Megan Marie, actually the first cosplayer I ever put on this blog.  I should have asked permission from her then, I regret not asking first now and will remove the entry if she wants.  So please enjoy and I hope you take as much away from it as I have.

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