Thursday, April 11, 2013

Toy Review: Green Lantern SDCC and NYCC con exclusives

Overview:  I was actually really excited about getting these as it looked like DC was finally getting it's shit together for decent figures in the 3-3/4 inch scale.  In the press release revealing them DC said that if they sold well and there was demand then they would produce more.  I'm all about that so I got these, unfortunately not directly from DC but the sellers of eBay were charging reasonable prices for them and demand is demand I guess.  If you buy from the gray market then the gray market will buy them directly from DC.  Money is still made and if it's a modest mark-up then it's really no different than buying them from a Toys R Us or a Target or a Big Bad Toy Store (the best online toy store, I think, EVER!).  You can see the BBTS flyer behind the figure, I didn't get these from there, I just happened to get a big BBTS order in on the same day.

  I was really happy about getting these and I was really excited to get them open and then I opened them.  Anytime I open an action figure I test all the obvious joints, it's something I've done since I was a kid and I thought action figures only came from my parents.  I get the figure, I test all the joints and then I play with it.  Well I tested the joints on these and immediately got a 50% failure rate.  Opened Kyle and Kilowog and Kyle broke, opened John and Atrocitus and Atrocitus broke.  I would be less frustrated if a whole set broke but as it is that's like another $75 to $100 to buy the two sets again and have doubles of two perfectly fine, not really custom compatible, figures.  I contacted DC and got nowhere so now it looks like I'll have to repair them myself.  I've looked online and have a few ideas about how to go about it.  If anyone has any suggestions (I'm not shipping them anywhere to get fixed) I'd love to hear them.  This is the closest I've gotten to completely regretting a purchase.  I typically don't buy things I'm on the fence about wanting so I'm usually really psyched about everything I buy but this time I wish I either been more careful testing the joints (even though I wasn't that aggressive) or just passed on buying them altogether.

The boxes, I like this whole model DC has going with their figures.  Only two packs and in a nice box.

The broken Atrocitus.
The broken Kyle Rayner.

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