Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Great Piece on Cosplay

This found it's way into my Facebook feed.:

I'm trying to be better about getting permission to repost from something that seems more private but I can't find a way to currently contact this person, it seems like he may have just started his blog and hasn't gotten that up and running yet.  But I really found it interesting and it's from the perspective of a cosplayer, a cosplayer who seems to really have his shit together.  So read it, it's really good and I agree with much of it.  I take a much more hard line stance than he does and I have offered no alternatives other than simply "not cosplaying" if you don't want attention.  But reading this has opened my mind about things and has caused me to rethink my stance and really that's the most important sign of a well written article.

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