Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cosplay Wednesday

  This week we have even more Captain America. At this point you should know the history of Cap so I'm going to keep it short.  James Buchanan started life as Cap's sidekick and while it was originally thought he was little more than a sidekick it turned out that Bucky was there to do all the dark and dirty things Cap couldn't do to maintain his iconic reputation.  Eventually Bucky was thought dead when he couldn't free himself from a Nazi missile.  It turned out Bucky was found by the Russians, fitted with a cyber arm and then brainwashed into the Winter Soldier where he did Commie black ops for the better part of a half century.  Eventually the Winter Soldier came up against Cap and had his memory jogged.  Eventually Bucky took on the role of Captain America to help usher in the Heroic Age.

  The Bucky costume is good, comic accurate, he has the right body type and a Tommy gun which is both period accurate and what came with the action figure.  He looks the part, he's dressed the part and the costume is solid.

  Below that we have 2 versions of Captain America and a Cappette (the the lack of a better term).  The costumes are well made and everyone showed up in shape ready to play.  Well done everyone.

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