Sunday, February 17, 2013

Captain America: Super Soldier (2011) Xbox 360

I'm going to throw this shield hard enough to end Nazism!

Rating: 3 out 5 “Nazi’s” hit with a ricocheting shield

Plot Synopsis:  Cap goes to Zemo castle in Germany and fucks shit up.

The Good:

-Cap handles pretty well.  The camera is pretty good, for the most part.  Other than the occasional lag you feel pretty in control.  At least when walking around, this can fall apart pretty quick.

-The fighting engine works pretty well, you feel like a sufficient serum powered, juiced up badass.

-Baron Von Strucker is really awesome in this with his “Satan’s Claw” being a steampunk inspired gauntlet of whoop ass.

-Throwing the shield is very satisfying and it makes a good noise when it hits things be they walls or Hydra thugs

-The Challenges are fun, there’s a good variety of combat, agility and timed collect-a-thons.  I like Challenge modes as it’s something nice, fun and quick in case you don’t feel like getting into the game proper.

-The environment is nice, the German castle has some great architecture with a good atmosphere.  It’s all pretty interesting to look at.

-There’s a good variety of enemies, Hydra soldiers are interesting to look at.  The psychic enemies change things up a bit, the heavies offer yet another change in strategy.

-The extras are really good, the old WW2 style film reels about the enemies you face and the Zemo diaries are fun to listen to as well as being intriguing.  It really fleshes out the world of movie Captain America.

-How they update Arnim Zola.  The character has always looked pretty retarded in the comic books, with the very Kirby proportions and bright colors and television in his chest like some mass murdering, Nazi teletubby.  Now he’s a badass steampunk, retro-futuristic, green hued German robot.  It looks better and more realistic, well realistic all things considered.

-I found a ceramic rooster behind the hardest door to hack in the game.

The Bad:

-The free running Prince of Persia style platforming is not well done.  Here is where you really feel the lag.  He’ll do things several seconds after you tell him to and then after he does it he follows through with all additional button presses you made.  Sometimes those button presses will completely change context and you will end up looking like a tard or falling to your death.  It doesn’t feel well integrated and it can really effect the flow of a level.

-The fighting doesn’t age well.  At first it seems awesome and you feel powerful.  As the game goes on the fighting gets pretty boring, less precise and you feel less in control.  At least I did.  Maybe the moves you unlock help but I never got the hang of them so I never used them and since it didn’t continuously kill me I continued to not use them.

-Challenges don’t get unlocked fast enough

-Only 2 additional costumes are available.  For a character with some pretty good designs you don’t see many of them.  How hard would it have been to make a ton of skins?  The two you unlock DO give you bonuses (Ultimate WW2 Cap gives you more health, Classic Cap gives you more focus).  So couldn’t we have had more bonuses?  A modern Ultimate’s Cap with harder hits?  Laser shield Cap that auto reflects but can’t throw the shield?  A Liefeld Cap who's big, bulky and moves slow but can destroy people with one punch?  Or change things up considerably and give us a Heroic Age Cap (Bucky as Cap) with a gun that gives us some different game play options.  Just give us something to break it up because those costumes get pretty boring.

-The upgrade system is very limited and feels padded in how long it takes to earn the upgrades.  You only get 9 total upgrades and 3 of them I never even used but had to get in order to get to the next tier and really there are only 3 unlocked moves and then 2 upgrades for each which makes a total of 9 upgrades.  So there’s really only 3 upgrades, the most useful being upgrades to your shield ricocheting (how many people you can hit before it comes back)

-The hacking sucks, you align two numbers in an “Enigma machine”.  Many times there simply aren’t two similar numbers you can align forcing you to ‘log off’ and try again.  And again.  And again.

-The hotwiring sucks, you have to use the analog sticks to bring 2 wires close together without getting too close and electrocuting yourself.  The sensitivity is higher than a premature ejaculator during foreplay with a bikini model.  More often than not you end up electrocuting yourself which drops your health bar into ‘one hit kills’ territory.  Luckily that’s the only punishment, I would be much angrier if I got my health knocked down that low AND had to do it again.  But it could have been that my analog sticks suck as well.  I eventually had to replace my controller because it was too broke down and I haven’t picked the game up since then.

The Ugly:

-Apparently Hydra just leaves their shit everywhere.  There are piles and piles of paperwork everywhere you look.  Files, dossiers, film canisters, huge file drawers and film canister 4 packs just everywhere.  Under cars, in kitchens, on front stoops, on docking bays, don’t bother hiding it boys, there’s just too much to concern yourself with.  Of course this is addressed in a loading screen with something about not being able to carry all of it with them so they stash it to save time and energy.  It’s kind of bullshit.

-I found a ceramic rooster behind the hardest door to hack.

Final Thoughts:  This is one of those games where I don’t really know if I should recommend it or not.  I enjoyed most of my time with it and not only did I finish it but I unlocked everything.  I’ve played way better games that didn’t hold me long enough to finish it let alone 100% it.  It delivers a pretty good take on the movie-verse Cap and expands that world it a really nice way.  The way they expand the world makes sense in the context of the movie-verse that Marvel has established, it lets you play as Cap in a way that makes Cap a badass (which hasn’t really been done in the past).  The fighting is good and visceral even though it did get boring the longer I played the game.  If you are a fan of Captain America, like I am or a fan of the Marvel movies, like I am, you might get a good couple of hours out of this.  If you aren’t a fan of either of those things then there’s not a whole hell of a lot here for you.

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