Thursday, June 14, 2012

What's coming up.

  So I got, like, enough Batman content to fill at least 6 weeks but more realistically like 8 weeks.  I've got reviews of the Burton/Schumacher era Batman films and I figure I might as well keep it going and do the Nolan era Batman films, maybe the Arkham Asylum games and what not.  If I'm going to do that I might as well feature Chris R. Notarile's Mr. J shorts as well as his Joker short.  What could it hurt why not?  After that I may move on to Superman or something else entirely.  After doing the (mostly?) spoiler free review of The Avengers I think I'll do that for the upcoming Spider-Man and Batman movies and then do full reviews after they come out on home video.

  That's what's going on.  I hope you like Batman and The Joker and Bat Villains cause that's probably what's going to dominate the blog for the next little bit.

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