Friday, May 24, 2013

Fan Film Friday 5/24/13

  Sorry I've been so lax on Fan Film Friday.  I quite frankly forgot I DID Fan Film Friday's.  Then I did remember but was too lazy.  Now I remember and I'm not being lazy so hopefully more 3F.

  This week is special because I helped fund this one through "indiegogo".  It came to my attention via a friend so I sent something like $20-$50 it's way.  I don't really remember how much but I probably helped pay for half of someone's lunch on one day of shooting.  In retrospect I should have advertised it here.  I'm just realizing that now.  I don't typically think of this place in that way besides the Venn Diagram of "awesome people who would support this" and "awesome people who come here" would just be concentric circles with the former being much larger than the latter so I don't really know how much extra attention I would have generated.

  All in all I'm pretty happy with my donation.  I don't really throw money around, believe it or not, so when I do spend money it's for something I actually want to give money to and am excited about.

I was pretty excited about seeing this project happen, the test shots they showed for the project looked promising so I thought I'd help out.  I like who they picked for Superman and Wonder Woman and I like that Superman has a slight drawl.  Both Superman and Wonder Woman (Danny Kelly and Margie Cox) are costumed excellently and in shape ready to work.  Which I always appreciate.  All in all it's a great trailer for the shoe string it was shot on.  I think they did an excellent job all things considered so check it out.

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