Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cosplay Wednesday 5/1/13 - C2E2 Bonus

I was at C2E2 last weekend, which is why there was no post, but I managed to get exactly 2 pictures of cosplayers.  Next time I'll definitely take more pictures, this recent cosplay political stuff made me very gun shy about asking people to get a photo since I now feel like I'm somehow exploiting them and contributing to their victimization.  Which is dumb and I hate feeling that way but when I saw these two, on separate occasions, my fanboy got too big to hold back.  I hope to put up something about my experience this week sometime.  There was also a G'Nort, I saw him walking a few aisles away but never managed to find him again, if I had I would have gotten a picture of him as well.  I took two of each, the second ones after the jump.

Patch is my favorite version of Wolverine so when I saw him I HAD to get a photo

The only Squirrel Girl I saw, she's probably one of my favorite characters ever (1 or 2 tied with maybe She-Hulk).  So again, when I saw the costume I had to get a picture


  1. That's my kick ass boyfriend <3

    1. Well tell him his costume made my day at the convention.

  2. That's my Squirrel Girl :D