Thursday, July 12, 2012

Whispering in the wind (blog news)

  For the few people who come here not looking for porn I have some things to say.  LISTEN TO ME!  When I started this blog I wanted to be 6 months out.  Which means I wanted to have 6 months of content ready to go when I officially launched this thing into the intertron.  Then Ghost Rider: SOV came out and I hot shotted it while shoehorning in some Ghost Rider content.  At that time I was 3 months out, so for the first 3 months I coasted along on content that was already totally finished (believe it or not that stuff was considered finished).  Then because I only really had one day to myself and was traveling a lot, never knowing when I would be gone a week or weeks at a time, I watched movies when I could and did a rough outline and then sat down on my day off and produced a months worth of content at a time.  I did that until the Batman '89 review.  When I added Cosplay Wednesday I created and scheduled content from the first week I featured it until yesterday.

  What I'm trying to say is with my schedule calmed down a little bit and my traveling done, for now, I'm going week to week.  On everything.  I'm going to try really, really hard to hit every deadline so things happen on the day's their supposed to.  Since Batman '89 I've been going week to week on reviews, since I started Mr. J Fridays with Blinky has been week to week and starting yesterday Cosplay Wednesday is week to week.  So far I've been keeping up and I intend to keep up because I like doing this.  I would be watching these movies and talking about these things even if I wasn't blogging about them.  I started this blog really just so I had an outlet for my enjoyment of comic's, superhero movies, superhero video games and just good media in general.  So I'll probably do this until it A) isn't fun anymore or B) I stop enjoying the things I write about.  Bottom line is: week to week is new territory for me so it may be bumpy but I like the schedule I have and I'll try not to alter it.

  Finally I've got a few big projects coming down the pike.  I'm working on gathering all the materials for a feature on a huge cross promotional hootenanny that happened back in the late 90's early '00's with the thing that followed after.  Also I'm in the research phase of a article on Rob Liefeld's artwork.  I don't know how much I'm going to delve into the man or his background, I'm really more interested in his artwork and the reactions it gets from fans.  So if you are a fan or if you aren't I'd be interested in hearing what you have to say about his art.  So if you have an opinion and want to get mentioned contact me.  Those are the big things that may take weeks or months to see bear fruit.  I also have some video edit's planned and am highly considering doing Vlogs or video reviews of non-comic movies.  So we'll see what I have time for and what works out and what doesn't.  So that's pretty much everything.  For those who actually visit the site and like it, thank you, if no one actually visits then I guess it's just me.  One man.  Shouting against the darkness.  About super hero movies.  And if you visit and don't like it... well... stop visiting.  It's like a huge internet out there why are visiting a site you don't like?  There's porn out there, and YouTube.  You could waste an entire day on YouTube instead of coming here and hating everything you read.

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