Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday's with Blinky: Die Laughing

  Die Laughing is the last of Chris .R. Notarile's performances as the Joker and as such he decides to completely own the role.  There are bits of the Ledger Joker still in there, mostly in tone and make-up but Chris does a good job bringing most of his own spin on it.  He always did but as he played the character more and more it became his more and more.  Maybe that was intentional maybe not.  I think, if it was, it was a good idea.  Starting out people would respond better to less interpretation but as they got used to the person in the role then more originality would be appreciated with less backlash.

  The short is about Joker going to Metropolis and meeting Superman.  In a nutshell that's all it is.  This is definitely Joker's story more than Superman's as the focus stays on Joker.  It's a character piece and works really well.  Using the same techniques he did on Batman, Joker tries to poke around Superman's head only to decide Superman is to boring.

  When Joker turns himself in is great as is him taunting Superman.  When he says "That's a yes." it's perfect and an awesome moment.  Superman is played by our favorite Daredevil: Nick Grock, Johanna Telander returns for a brief cameo as an unmasked Harley Quinn and we get a brief appearance by Choice star and favorite Kerri Miller.

  Check it out, it's good.  I don't know how many times I have to tell you that.  Every one of these is worth checking out.  But this is awesome, it's got Joker and Superman and Harley and Kerri Miller so take the time.

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