Monday, January 26, 2015

If I Made It (quickly) X-Men TV series


  Great news!  An X-Men TV series could be fun.  Just one problem, you can't get any A-List movie talent and the budget you'd get for one movie you now have to spread across 13-22 episodes.  So you have to pick mutants that are inexpensive to portray with new or TV talent that you can save money on as well as concepts that are easy on the budget.  Here's how I would do it.

Show:  Xavier Academy


-Molly Hayes - the new student to Xavier Academy and the audience surrogate.  Just learning how to handle her immense strength based powers.

--Dorm Mates, these students share the same dorm floor as Molly and act as her first group of friends

-Dust - Molly's Muslim roommate and a total cultural and personality opposite.  She's been there only a few semesters when Molly shows up so she's more adjusted than Molly but still adjusting herself.

-Artie and Leech - Inseparable roommates/best friends/Xavier veterans.  They are well liked and relatively popular.  They are upper classmen and in charge of the dorm and therefore in charge of welcoming and orienting new classmen.

-Karma - fellow classmate but due to her unique powers she has a different set of classes.  She is more aligned with the "magic clique" and is distant from Dust and Molly.

-Marrow - former Marauder and now resident student.  She has anger management issues and talks about her mentor sessions with Wolverine but we never see Wolverine.  There's a lot of comedy in her transition from sewer dwelling extremist to living with normal people in a normal environment, some common things just don't make sense to her.  She has a problem flushing toilets because she knows where it goes and doesn't want to do that to her Marauder's still living in the sewers.  She still identifies as a Marauder.

-Beak - everyone's favorite chicken mutant, he's been there a year already, his mutation also separates him from the "normal" looking classmates.  His appearance and separation does give him a relationship with Artie and Leech due to having similar physical mutations, they all attend Chamber's support group together.

--Teachers, these teachers play a large part in teaching the students and form parental bonds with the students.

-Forge - The Headmaster, we don't see him a lot but he represents authority in place of the more expensive Xavier.

-Dazzler - Dean of Students, she has more contact with students.  Molly is a huge fan of her 80's pop music career and it causes some awkwardness between Molly and her.  Students confide in her and she confides in Forge.

-Chamber - he acts as a counselor for the "less traditional looking" mutants.  He teaches a class on coping with appearance and holds a support group for them several times a week.  Often Beak, Artie and Leech attend the same support group.  Wears a scarf instead of his face constantly exploding with power, possibly a reveal for the season finale.

-Multiple Man - Jaime Madrox acts as several teachers for a certain sect of students.  Each dupe is a master on a different subject.  He teaches everyone in Molly's dorm.

-Kylun - the rarely seen gym teacher.

-Monet St. Clair - another Muslim, she is a friend to Dusk and eventually becomes a mentor to Molly due to having similar power sets.

-ForgetMeNot - the mutant no one can remember, he acts as janitor and silent assistant to the staff.  Molly keeps seeing him but no one knows what she's talking about when she tries to tell the others.

--First season arc, the first arc is mostly relationship building.  The X-Men are talked about as existing but are way in the background.  Maybe a cameo by Professor X.  The basic arc would be as the others get closer together Beak finds himself more morose and depressed becoming more and more distant.  As he drifts from the others he gets picked up by this seasons villain:

-Cassandra Nova - Xavier's evil sister, she wants to turn the school into a military mutant training camp.  She's been working in the background gathering students to her side.  Eventually she lures Beak to her side.

--Season Finale, Cassandra waits for the X-Men to leave on an important mission and makes her move to turn the whole school to her side and prepare for an ambush when the X-Men return.  It's student vs. student in a civil war.  At first Beak follows a group of other students in attacking the good students.  He never partakes in the attacks and is shy around the violence.  The leader of this group of attackers is Quentin Quire.  Quentin is very loud which scares most students away before an attack can happen and his ADD draws him away from attacks before anyone is seriously hurt which frustrates the rest of his team except Beak.  When the group confronts Dusk and Marrow, Beak finally picks a side and goes after the attackers with a baseball bat.  When it comes time to attack Quentin, Quentin reveals he's been working for The Stepford Cuckoo's the whole time and is on their side.  They team up and find Forge and reveal the whole thing.  Finale is Forge, his teachers and his students vs Cassandra and her students.

--The Future, Cassandra survives and comes back a couple seasons later.  Next villain is Mr. Sinister who want Quentin for his DNA.  Sinister never confronts the school on his own but sends cronies to do his bidding.  Season 2 introduces regulars Quentin and Stepford Cuckoo's.  Season 2 ends with Sinister and Cassandra teaming up at the end of the finale.  Season 3 we don't see Sinister or Cassandra at all, we get a different villain and we add another student.  Every season one of Madrox's dupes get killed.

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