Saturday, January 31, 2015

Blog is Back!

  The blog is back.  I've got some time on my hands again and this time I'm going to try making a living at this whole "writing" thing.  To that end tomorrow there will be two updates.  These are two movies from WAAAAAAAY back in the vaults.  They were emergency reviews I was saving for when I didn't have time to watch or write anything right before the hiatus before last.  I'm posting them both because they are the last reviews written in the old style.  I'm trying a new format, it keeps the Good/Bad/Ugly style but now it runs more linear with the movie.  That was the biggest issue with the old style and it is painfully obvious in the Elektra review.  So, I'm trying something new and it starts with Iron Man and Hulk: Heroes United.

  Also new is the fact that I'm featured over at Comic Bastards under my real name.  My situation is such that I don't have to actively hide my identity anymore so I guess it doesn't matter if my real name is out there and associated with this.  I'll still be posting here as Fancy Deadpool.  My writing persona is not that different but in the video's I'm a different person and those views don't necessarily reflect my own.  I review primarily comics there but also The Flash tv show, Agent Carter and Marvel Agents of SHIELD, when it comes back, on a weekly basis.  So go there if you don't get enough of me here.

  Speaking of video's, I have a YouTube channel now!  It's Fancy Deadpool's Stupid Comic Video Tramp Shack.  There are a couple editing projects that I've done in the past plus my first movie "review".  I use that word in the loosest sense.  I'm going to try it and see how it works and maybe I'll keep doing them depending on feedback.  The next movie I have in mind is Swordfish the Hugh Jackman, John Travolta, Halle Berry film with special guest star Halle Berry's boobs.  For the most part it probably won't be comic movies but rather movies that star actors who have played comic characters.  I learned a lot from the last video and I'm going to try and make the next one better.  It's a process.

  There's also the neglected Facebook page: Fancy Deadpool's Stupid Comic Tramp Shack.  Hopefully all these links work, they all test okay.  I'm going to start posting more random pictures there.  I think that's where Cosplay Wednesday and Fan Film Friday are going to end up.  I'm not sure yet though.

  Finally there's Twitter where I'm @fancydeadpool.

  So, that's what's going on.  Go to Comic Bastards if you want to see me review fresh comics and shows each week.  But be sure to come back each week there will be a review written in my own style, Top Tenth of the Month, editorials and essays if I have the time.  I'm thinking of doing a brief digest of all the comic shows I watch in a week where I just review everything at once giving a paragraph or two for each.  Plus videos and, hopefully soon, a podcast or two.  If you like what you read and/or see please support me, I appreciate every view or reader I get, now more than ever.  Thank you.

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