Sunday, May 25, 2014

Blog Update: There's Nothing But Setbacks

  Once again, as per usual, I have over extended myself at work.  I have taken more hours and beyond that I've taken on some freelance work more akin to what I went to school for and the career I left behind several months ago.  This is kind of what I do.  If this blog were my primary income source, well then you would really see what I can do.  All the effort I tend to put into my money making would be focused here and there would likely be content every day.  As it is I find myself with less and less effective free time and since the blog is for funsies that has to drop in priority as needed.

  To that end reviews are going to kind of be as I can do them basis.  I will be seeing Days of Future Past but not until Friday (the 30th).  This months Honored One-Hundred is going to be late.  I'm sorry.  At the most it will be a double post next month of the next two chapters.  It kills me to fail at putting a chapter out a month but you have to understand that I don't start even thinking of the chapter until the 1st and I go through 4 drafts by the 25th and with basically a full time job and a part time job that gets hard.  That's a hectic writing schedule and it probably shows but I'm actually pretty happy with HOH so far.  I still want to do 12 chapters in 12 months ending in December.

  So that's it, I hopefully have some time off in June and I plan to play catch up then.  Thanks to all of you who have found and read this blog.  I'm also on Facebook as Fancy Deadpool's Stupid Comic Tramp Shack, I continue to share things I find because that is easy and I can do it as I check my feed normally.  If you like what you read spread the word.  Thanks again.

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