Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Biggest Crime...

  Since I posted the Dr. Strange review I thought I would take a moment to address why I hated that movie so much and why movies like it bother me to a point of anger.  I think the worst thing a piece of entertainment can be is boring.  If something is boring then it means it has utterly failed in it's objective of being entertaining.  Even is something is "bad" where the acting is terrible, the budget is low, the story is poorly written or the cinematography is total crap if it at least is entertaining, if can at least hold your attention with how bad it is, then it has succeeded.  That is a successful piece of entertainment, that is something worth praising.  It's worth praising because there are so many unsuccessful attempts at entertainment.

  The biggest crime a movie/video game/comic book can commit, the most unforgivable sin is for it to be boring and boring makes me so fucking angry.  Nothing makes me angry like being bored, I don't like being bored, I like having fun and I can find fun in a lot of different places.  I can find fun in a game like Ghost Rider, Blade II or even Superman Returns (review to come) in all their broken glory because they succeed at SOMETHING.  They do SOMETHING right, even if I have to cheat to negate all the broken flaws there is some level of entertainment achieved.  But something like Dr. Strange, the Daredevil game or the Catwoman game (review to come) I just become angry because even when something is happening nothing is happening.  It becomes a task that I have to endure rather than something I can enjoy doing.  That's why something like Blade Trinity, a movie that has major, obvious, scar like flaws can receive a high score from me and something competently done, like Dr. Strange, becomes something I absolutely loathe.  So what I'm saying is being entertaining makes me forgive an awful lot while being boring instantly fills my rage meter.  Whenever possible, creators of the world, shoot for entertaining because even if you hit "incompetent" you might at least end up with something redeemable.

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