Saturday, June 1, 2013

Marvel Universe Team Deadpool: Hidden Pirate Island Special review

  So, I was browsing eBay a few weeks ago for action figures.  I do this very regularly because, frankly, I have a problem and there aren't interventions or rehab facilities for the problem I have.  Anyway, I stumbled across these gems.  The upcoming Team Deadpool, has not, as of Friday, been officially announced as part of anything.   So when I saw these bad boy's I jumped on them because I didn't want another Undercover Assault on my hands.  I didn't want the line to be quietly cancelled leaving me kicking myself for missing the opportunity and then paying out the nose the next time they showed up.  As it was I payed very reasonable prices for all three resulting in under what the set will eventually cost.  Of course it's sans Dogpool, a possible Headpool and any accessories they may get if and when when they get produced for real.  If they end up producing the pack I'm going to buy it anyway because, again, I have a problem.  Overall it's a nice set but I am incredibly unhappy with Kidpool.  But this it, take a look and see if it something YOU want to spend money on.  Oh, I also found this shortly after I bought these, so yes they are probably "hot".  But there are much better pictures on the link.  I took these mostly to prove I had them.  I should probably defend my purchase of these from bootleggers but I won't and Hasbro will be getting my money no matter what, so that's that.

Championpool, Lady Deadpool and Kidpool

Lady Deadpool.  There isn't much to say.  She uses the buck that originally debuted with X-23 with the same hip flexibility problems I've experienced on every figure with this buck.  But it's solid with no other major problems and good articulation.  Detail is nice and the holster around her shoulders looks like it would fit a sword.  I tried to take a picture of the holster from the back but it didn't really show up.

Championpool, also not much to say.  He uses the awesome Hercules buck, probably the best of the large man bucks Marvel Universe has used so it's nice and strong with great articulation.

The big seller for me was Kidpool.  I couldn't figure out by the stock pictures if he had any articulation or  if he was a glorified statue.  He's a statue.  I don't know why they could make something out of a Puck buck or give him some level of articulation (shoulders, waist and wrists would have been a huge improvement).  But what we get is a statue.  Dogpool appears to be a statue as well and if they include a Headpool there's no doubt he'll be a statue (there's not much to him, he's just a head after all).  So in this "action figure" set we get 2 figures and 3 PVC statues.  Doesn't exactly please me about this set but it is what it is.

Since I'll be buying the set no matter what I thought I'd use the extra Kidpool to try my hand at adding articulation.  Maybe just add the shoulder, waist and wrist swivels then replace the light swords with two of the many light sabers I have.  Removable swords would have also been a plus.  I know in the comics he wields them reverse style but in that static position they are quite useless.

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