Sunday, September 30, 2012

Yet another delay in my return...

  With my return of health my real life, grown up adult job has suddenly demanded an extra 10 hours a week of my time on top of the 40 they already get.  Since this whole thing is "fun" for me this is the first thing that has to go.  All this means, for the few people who come here, is that this place will go on indefinite hiatus.  I may or may not still post Catwoman week but I don't know.  My hope is to come back in the new year, assuming the world doesn't suddenly end in December.  But I'll post things here and there, easy stuff, random stuff, whatever I have time for if I have time for it.  Then by the time the new year rolls around I might actually get to the revamp of the site.  I like doing stuff with this blog, keeping my own little corner of the internet, but, well, work pays me and that's way more important.

  Well, that's it.  I'll be back occasionally and hopefully in the new year.

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