Monday, September 3, 2012

Blog update

  So, I'll be be back in October.  With demands at work along with some personal health issues, which are getting better, I decided to take September off as well.  I'm however at least generating some new content for my return.  Monday October 8th will be the first day of regular updates.  Between then and now if something comes out in theaters I'll go see it and do a non-spoiler review (I think Judge Dredd comes out between now and then, maybe something else too).  I might throw up something easy and lazy between now and then as well but October 8th and we come back with Catwoman/Feminism In Comics week.  I may drop the feminism part though, however I don't know if you can really talk about Catwoman, the Halle Berry Catwoman movie in particular, with out saying something on the subject.  We'll see how it goes.  But that week will introduce a new monthly feature and possibly a new author as well.

  I know, looking at my hits, that no one will probably read this or care but on the off chance someone does care here's the explanation.  2 months is a long time to be gone with no explanation.

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