Sunday, August 5, 2012

I, for one, am excited...

  So this appears to be the new crew (Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan and Tony Moore) for Deadpool after Daniel Way and Ale Garza leave at the end of the current arc.  After a bit of Twitter nonsense it seems that some people are discouraged by this.  That they were hoping for a return to the early Deadpool, before Way took over.  Personally I've really enjoyed Way's interpretation of Deadpool.  I like Deadpool because it is a humorous book with dark elements to it.  For the most part it's Deadpool taking the piss out of everything, being the lone, crazy voice of reason in the, at times, absurd Marvel Universe.  I never really enjoyed the early Deadpool all that much so Way's interpretation was very welcome and it turned the character from a novelty to a must read and a character I could really like and relate to.  The Marvel Universe is full of cooler than life smart asses so it's nice to see what basically amounts to a super powered geek, full of self loathing and social awkwardness, run wild and point at all the ridiculousness that happens around him.

  That being said I've really disliked the last two arcs in Deadpool.  After 52 issues of awesome storytelling, with a few rough patches here and there, the book has totally fallen apart.  I was excited to see where Way was taking the newly de-powered Deadpool after what I thought was a totally botched conclusion to the strong starting "Dead" story arc (all that here).  But even after that I had faith that Way, haven proven that he could bring some really awesome storytelling in the past, would bring the awesome once again but the current arc is boring.  It's just lacking in that special something that previous story arcs have had.  It almost seems like he's bored of the book and is anxious to move on.  The book has gone from a must have the day it ships to a "I'll get it when I have time" title for me.  So this injection of new blood is exciting.  I know nothing of Gerry Duggan (other than he has an Attack of the Show! credit, so he has a pretty good understanding of pop culture, a must for Deadpool) but Brian Posehn knows comic books.  He's a comic geek, he understands how comics work and he has a passion for them.  His stand-up and comedy writing shows that he can mix sarcasm, comedy and drama quite adeptly and perhaps when tempered by another writer with a different perspective they can deliver some truly great stories that build on Way's Deadpool that we've come to love.  Tony Moore is a great artist who can do detail and dynamic, comic style action.  So, to me, this feels right for a new era of Deadpool and I'm really looking forward to getting that first issue and seeing what happens.

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