Wednesday, May 20, 2015

If I Made It: Flash season finale and Season 2

Welp, the Flash finale happened.  As I tweeted it was about 40 minutes of meh, 3 minutes of Holy Shit! and 1 minute of WTF?  It was mostly underwhelming except for one great scene towards the end.  The season ended on a cliffhanger, which I didn't really appreciate, cementing this as probably the worst year for CW finales.  While the Arrow finale was way too final this one wasn't final enough.  The episode was largely relationship nonsense that included a wedding that nobody cared about and didn't leave room for a satisfying ending.  While the ending was definitely open it wasn't open in any kind of compelling way and didn't set up the next season at all.  After seeing this I was left deeply unsatisfied and critical and the step after criticism, for me anyway, is improvement.  My brain asks me "Well, if you're so smart what would YOU do better?" this is what I would do better:

Season Finale:

  I would keep the episode largely the same except for the last few minutes.  Even the relationship bullshit I didn't really like.  The ending, SPOILARZ, Eddie Thawne shot himself to erase Harrison Wells (I will refer to him as Harrison Wells since Eobard Thawne is played by a different actor) from existence.  It was a great moment but didn't really lead to much.  Flash also let his mother die after being waved off by his future self and came back to attack Wells.
  Here's where I would change things.  I would have Flash save his mother and Wells use the wormhole.  Wells, however, would lie and instead of going back to the future he travels farther back in time so when Flash returns he comes back to an entirely different world.  When Flash comes back through the wormhole he finds the Accelerator dilapidated, rusted and overgrown.  Before he can get his bearings he is confronted by the Accelerator's current resident: Grodd put there by Wells to keep the Accelerator secure.

Season 2:

  What Flash learns is that Harrison Wells traveled farther back in time and caused the Meta Wave to happen when he was just a kid, he appeared to have never gotten his powers, and has taken over Central City, isolating it from the greater world creating his own little nation.  Flash is finally approached by the only hero left in Central City: Cisco as Vibe.  Cisco is the only one who knows that things aren't right.  As Wells said in the finale, Cisco can see through the vibrations that separate realities.  Cisco tracks down the displaced Flash and saves him from Caitlin Snow who has become Killer Frost.

  Vibe points Flash towards where his parents are being kept, his parents along with Joe and Iris West are being kept in a secret prisoner camp on the outskirts of town along with a bunch of other political prisoners.  When Flash checks the camp out and reveals himself to be Barry Allen they are confused because, as far as they knew, Barry was being kept in a different part of the camp.  When he investigates he finds no other Barry Allen, presumably that Barry and he fused when Flash came back through the portal.

  Wells is keeping the city under control with a private police force as well as a team of meta's which include Captain Cold, Heatwave and Golden Glider among the other meta's they faced the previous season.  As Vibe and Flash fight crime, try to figure out a way home and confront meta's Flash realizes he is losing his memory.  He starts to realize that his memories are merging with The Other Barry Allen and he's starting to remember the world as it is and not the world he comes from.  They spend the first half of the season trying to stabilize Flash so that he stops merging with The Other Barry Allen.  After they solve that problem Vibe realizes that if they want to power the Accelerator he will need Firestorm.

  Mid-Season Finale: Unable to find Firestorm, Vibe and Flash infiltrate the power plant Wells is using to power the city and keep it off the federal grid.  They go there to determine a way to surreptitiously siphon the energy to the Accelerator but find out that the power plant is being is using Firestorm as its source.  Being presented with this sudden realization they decide to break Firestorm out.  Wells is forced to find another power source but figuring out what they're trying to do Wells decides to take the fight to them.  Up until that point he saw them as an amusement that would burn out but tasks the meta's with actively hunting and eliminating them.

  Vibe and Flash fight off and eliminate each Meta as they come, Vibe has created a prison similar to the one they had in the Accelerator in the ruins of Starling City where Atom acts as the sole warden.  This leads Wells becoming desperate and turning General Eiling into the Shaggy Man as a last resort.

Season Finale:  Alternate versions of Ollie (as Ra's Al Ghul), Atom (as the lone survivor of Starling City, wiped out by Ollie becoming Ghul), Vibe and Firestorm fight Wells, Grodd, Eiling (as Shaggy Man) in a race to reactivate the Accelerator and send Flash back in time and set things right.  When he goes back he is fused with the Flash that would have saved his mother and is, instead, forced to let her die.  It creates a more responsible character that achieves through sacrifice.  He understands that he must let this happen so the world can be better and has a teary goodbye with his dying mother before running back and attacking Wells before Wells can travel in time.  At this point the episode concludes just like the finale concluded but a season later.

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