Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Stupid Audio Trainwreck Episode 3!

Back because nobody demanded it The Stupid Audio Trainwreck! This episode we try to get caught up on all the stuff I missed due to getting Whooping Cough! Working retail is a cesspool of germs. I talk everything I missed from 2/22-3/15 which includes blog updates and comic reviews over at Comic Bastards.

I talk about meeting creator Irwin Hasen who sadly passed away recently. Dan 'The Man' Local Legend Jurgens. And Tony S. Daniel. As well my experience getting art from two others. See how many times I mispronounce names!

Finally, I do a quick If I Made It about Gotham instead of the 40 minute monstrosity I originally made.

It's raw, it's unedited and it's entirely lacking in professionalism!

Face it Tiger - The Mary Janes (or Married With Sea Monsters)
Threshold - Sex Bob-omb
Batdance - Prince
Scott Pilgrim Anthem - Anamanaguchi

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