Saturday, November 8, 2014

This Season in Comic based TV

I wanted to touch on this season of shows just briefly.

This just hasn't done a lot to grab me.  The first episode was a little overwhelming with how many concepts and characters they were trying to establish.  It was good though, despite that it was a relatively solid premiere.  Since then the series has totally dropped off my radar.  The baddie-of-the-week premise is kind of lame and the overall story arc isn't very interesting.  Some of the characters are good while others tip the scale towards the bad.  Penguin is interesting, as is Bullock, Nygma is intriguing but doesn't get enough screen time.  Young Bruce is on a slow boil and Catwoman is a highlight.  Meanwhile I HATE Fish Mooney, I don't care about Falcone or Maroni, Gordon is boring and Barbara has been given a bi-sexual past for no real reason I can see.  If it serves a purpose I can see doing it but it just seems meaningless and is rarely used for anything interesting.  I haven't made this a priority to watch so I'm a little behind, maybe when I get caught up something will change, right now I'm on the fence.

After a really solid, back to form, season 3 premiere Arrow just kind of fell back into the season 2 doldrums.  The introduction of Atom was an interesting addition and the tease towards the Star City change was a good one but I'm just not interested in foundation they are building for this season.  It's another one I'm behind on so maybe the slow build will develop into something but right now I don't really care about Diggle's new family or the return of Thea.  This series has probably given me the most disappointment.  The first season was amazing, I really enjoyed almost every episode of the season, season 2 was about 50/50 awesome/boring, hopefully this season will improve those odds.

 Now this, this has been amazing.  A riveting pilot followed by strong episode after strong episode.  So far every episode has been building on the previous with an interesting over arching plot, bad-ass weekly villains and noticeable character growth.  The visual effects are awesome and probably the best depiction of super speed I've ever seen.  The only thing that's missing are the "Flash Facts" that used to get occasionally get spouted in the comic.  A little super speed physics lesson with every episode would be pretty cool.

Now this is the really good stuff right here.  This show is everything I wanted out of a Hellblazer adaption.  I like everything from the actor who plays John (and his accent), the supporting cast, the magic they use (they're using real occult symbols, symbols I recognize from my own time wanting to be John Constantine), the baddie-of-the-week formula really works form them and the tone is just dead on.  With more of a horror element there are moments in this show that are downright scary.  This is a show that I can't wait for the next episode to come out and I'm rewatching old episodes to catch things I missed.  Damn good.

This is another show I look forward to every week.  Flash I can can take my time with, as long as I watch it before the next one I'm fine but Constantine and MAOS I HAVE to watch as soon as I can.  I simply can't wait longer than I have to.  This season has taken everything that was great about last season and turned it up to 11 and they consistently deliver that awesomeness every.  Single.  Week.  There hasn't been an off episode, from the dead on badass cameo of Absorbing Man to the Mae on Mae fight to Blizzard freezing a huge ship, to all the little MU references.  Every week has been a Marvel movie worth of acting, storytelling, special effects and easter eggs.  It's been incredible, I hope Agent Carter builds on the amazing foundation of this show.

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