Sunday, February 9, 2014

Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow (2008) Netflix

The Future of Avenging
Rating:  4 out of 5 Robo Avengers Trounced by Children

Plot Synopsis:  The children of the Avengers are kept safe on an island by Tony Stark after Ultron kills the other Avengers.  Eventually Ultron finds the kids and the kids decide to take the battle to him.
The Good:

-“And there came a day, unlike any other…”  I LOVE that.

-A good solid pre-credits opening that tells us who the Avengers are, what’s going on and why we should care.

-Animation quality is good even if it’s a bit “kiddy” in how exaggerated it is.

-They establish the characters personalities well in the first bit.  The characters are different enough to be interesting and well defined.  Stand out is Cap and Widow’s kid James, kind of a jerk but also kind of a badass.

-James Rogers trying to connect with a robot version of his dad, he just seems so desperate to connect with his father through any means, it’s a well done scene.

-The robot Avengers are pretty cool, Iron Man versions of the classics.

-Ultron is incredibly intimidating, both in the intro exposition dump and when he is finally introduced in the story.

-Holy shit!  Ultron flies THROUGH the head of the Giant Man robot!

-Ultron just wrecks the Robo Avengers shit!

-Iron Man sucker punches Ultron!

-Torrun (daughter of Thor and Sif) has a sword with the symbol for Thor’s hammer inscribed in the hilt, a nice little design addition.

-The reveal of the “island” is really well done.

-The fight between Iron Man and Ultron is pretty badass.

-First act ends on an intriguing note that will push the rest of the movie.

-Torrun talks in this sort of faux Asgardian accent that she clearly adopted, the other characters make fun of her for it and it slips occasionally.

-Clint Barton’s kid shows up like a boss.

-Francis Barton and James have an interesting antagonistic relationship.

-“Maybe Ultron thinks no one is dumb enough to break in.” “We showed him! We are dumb enough!”

-“Clint? He would have punched me in the face, then he would have helped me.”

-Bruce Banner as an old codger hippy zen master.

-The Robo Avengers are super badass, they got tore up by Ultron but they later show up on Ultrons side and kick ass themselves.

-The final battle is epic!

-Old bearded Hulk shows up for some closing action.

-Barton puts one last explosive arrow into Robo Hawkeye.

-“Ulton we would have words with thee!” I LOVE that line!

-Ultron pulls no punches against these kids.  This kids can’t be more than 15, they all are at least 15 and under and he fucking rocks them like they’re adults.  He trounces them and kudos to the director for not having him hold back.

-Hulk “Puny Robot”s Ultron.

-“Hulk is strongest there is!” I LOVE that line too!

The Bad:

-Oh… Tony built Ultron… poor Hank can’t catch a break in the movie universe.

-I never understood how you could throw an energy shield…

The Ugly:

-There ain’t much ugly about this.

Final Thoughts:  There are two signs of a really good show and that is when I get too distracted to take notes and when it makes me want to play with my action figures and this movie did both those things.  This is a really solid movie, it’s good for kids and good for adults to watch by themselves or with their kids.  The characters are really well written, the story is solid, the pacing is right on and the quality of animation is very high.  When something is this good there isn’t much more to say, check it out if you can.

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