Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Wolverine (Theatrical Release, 2013)

Rating: 3 out of 5 Non-Bald Shingen's

Review:  I heard some negative things before I went to go see this.  The biggest complaint was that it fell apart in the last half hour.  I didn't really see where it fell apart.  The movie seemed pretty seamless to me.  That being said I wouldn't say that it was the greatest movie.  It ranks up there with possibly the first X-Men as far as X-Men movies go.  It's certainly better than X3 or Origins but it's not as good as, say, X2.  But all in all it's a pretty good movie.

  There aren't any real weak links in the cast or the story.  Hugh Jackman has really embraced the role of Logan and this is probably the most Wolverine Wolverine has ever been.  The highlight of the cast, for me, was actually Rila Fukushima as Yukio, Mariko's "sister" and Logan's "bodyguard".  Her action scenes are really well done and she puts in a really great performance as a badass foil for Wolverine.  Other than those two there isn't any other real standouts but everyone pulls their weight and there's no distractions from the cast.

  The change in setting is great as most of it takes place in Japan going from high tech looking Tokyo to a love hotel in a dingy suburb to a small town south of Nagasaki.  The actions scenes are really fun, especially a fight literally on the roof of a bullet train and and the story is well paced.  It's not a revolutionary story by any means but it's serviceable.  There's a plot twist I saw coming pretty much from the time they foreshadowed it but the plot get's you from point A to point B.  I try to keep these as spoiler free as possible and I'm pretty much at the end of what I can talk about before getting into spoiler territory.  I liked the movie and it set's up Days of Future Past so if you want to eventually see that movie it's worth your time watching this.  I saw this this morning and right now I'm just tired but I wanted to put up a review before ending the day.  So this what you get.  It's not all gold people.

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