Sunday, October 21, 2012

Arrow (TV Series) Ep. 102

Series: Arrow

Episode: 102, Honor Thy Father

Rating: 4 out 5 billionaire playboys turned vigilante arrow slingers

Review:  First off I don't intend to review EVERY episode of Arrow but after watching this weeks episode I wanted to comment on a few things.  In pretty much every way this episode is better than the pilot.  We get more time with Detective Lance and Dinah Lance and they really deliver on their characters.  They manage to make Dinah a relevant character again after pretty much neutering her in the pilot.  It could be argued that the sudden change that bring Dinah back as a love interest is a result of sloppy writing and an attempt on the part of the writers to unwrite the corner they wrote themselves into.  But the way they bring about the change makes sense both in the context of the story and in the context of the character.  Plus I'm just happy that they made her relevant and she wasn't going to be this barnacle of a character holding on to the show because they may need her later or because fans want someone with Black Canary's name.

  The episode really gels and is fun to watch.  The action is good, Oliver becomes more interesting and we see him kick a huge amount of ass.  We get a super villain (in the form of China White, I believe).  We see the return of the trick arrow.  Pretty much everything that was missing from the pilot was here in this episode.  It had that "thing" that was missing from the pilot.  This made me want to break out the action figures and boot up Justice League: Heroes on PS2 so I could play as Green Arrow.  This episode made me excited about the character and really excited about the future of the show.  The last 20 minutes are the best.  Oliver Queen makes an awesome speech trying to destroy his own legacy and another shock ending.  Plus the next episode preview shows Deadshot!  If you didn't like the pilot you might want to give the show another shot.


  1. I absolutely loved this episode, more than the pilot, like you and I’m really excited for the next episode! I absolutely love this show, being a huge comic book fan, but I even have my coworkers at DISH watching it, and they have never even read the comics. I am recording every episode with my Hopper so that I can re-watch them all after the first season is done. I think that this show has everything it needs to be incredibly epic, and it can really replace Smallville in anybody’s heart. This should be a great episode, and I’m so excited to see Deadshot!

    1. Thanks for commenting.

      All the villains so far look pretty good. The preview shots of Deathstroke online look pretty good. Plus the ending of the episode makes me anxious for the next one. I wasn't a huge fan of Smallville (I quit watching early on) but I think, like The Cape, it has the ability to entertain both comic fans and non comic fans. Plus Ollie Queen is just fun to watch as both the playboy and the Arrow.