Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This is not vengeance, this is punishment. Actually this isn't punishment either.

  In order to gear up for The Month of Punishment I thought I would do a quick bonus post about a fantastic Punisher short film series on YouTube.  Done by a great man named Chris Notarile, if you haven't checked his stuff out I highly suggest you do.  He does fantastic short movies on what can only be a minimal budget.  I can safely recommend all of his superhero short films as they are all fantastic and he is awesome playing a more Dark Knight style Joker.  For those of you who aren't a fan of that style of Joker he has done a short film of the more traditional style Joker that is quite good as well.  Take the time to check them all out as they are all well worth seeing.
   But today we focus on The Punisher short films, '79-'82, to watch all of them would take less then 40 minutes and you will be seeing the best Jigsaw ever captured on film in Thomas Daniel (acting wise at least, the make up isn't great but when you consider the budget it's forgivable) and easily one of my favorite Punisher's in Shawn Parr (not many people have played him but he's up there as 2 or 3 depending on how I feel about Thomas Jane that week, and he's number one depending on how I feel about Punisher that week).  If nothing else check out the trailer, which I'm posting first, and support this man by going to his website (the whole series after the jump):

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